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Star Trux

4.4 ( 8384 ratings )
Giochi Intrattenimento Azione Arcade
Sviluppatore Poohbah Industries
1.99 USD

Star Trux is a top-down action game inspired by the classic coin-op arcade games. Its action-packed fun as you zip around in space collecting merchandise pods for delivery to the StarMart space train. Funky alien pirates add to the mayhem, chasing your Star Trux while babbling on and on in their alien tongue. Flaming comets and space junk hurl across your path as you careen and dodge and try to shoot pods into the moving train. All the while the countdown timer is winding down. Become the top Truxter. Earn your way up the ranks from Rookie to Pro to Ace. Play for 5 minutes or 5 hours. Star Trux is packed with old-fashioned arcade style excitement.

Q. How many levels? A. 72
Q. How many Missions?A. 4 -- Space, Dock, Cages, Rings
Q. How many Ranks? A. 3 -- Rookie, Pro, Ace
Q. Is Star Trux a fun game? A. You bet! Our wives told us so.
Q. Is Star Trux worth $1.99? A. Its worth a lot more, maybe $299.00.
Q. Will playing Star Trux make me popular? A. What do you think?
Q. Will I become famous if I become an Ace Truxter? A. Well think youre famous.
Q. Is Star Trux violent? A. No, unless you throw your iPhone at somebody.
Q. Is Star Trux suitable for my 3-year-old? A. Only if you want them to mimic the strange alien babble.
Q. Am I the ideal customer for Star Trux? A. Are you breathing?